This series is inspired by my Siddha Yoga meditation practice. During meditation, I often feel a yearning within to go UP, to experience rising above and beyond my physical body, reaching out to travel within and throughout the different levels that I’m perceiving.

I call this series LADDERS. Some of the work explores that concept literally, others figuratively. In the beginning of the series, I started by simply using found wood & string, or jute. I wrap the string so there’s something to hold on to, or use, while ascending.

The current WOVEN LADDERS group involve weaving colored yarns and various fibers into the design of the ladder. I find that the weaving process is very much a part of the whole rising above idea, playing with the concept of going in and out of layers.

There is a meditativeness to this wrapping and weaving process — a deep feeling of purpose & intention I experience while doing it. I envision these pieces as climbing tools that can be used to heighten myself and my awareness, both spiritually & philosophically.

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